Lumos: Lateral Flow Reader

Lumos: Lateral Flow Reader

Kestrel Biosciences is an authorized reseller for Lumos Diagnostic’s lateral flow readers. Lumos offers a range of off-the-shelf and customizable benchtop readers that utilize high performance optical technologies at an affordable price point. The Lumos benchtop reader is a highly flexible system suitable for qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative applications and a variety of assay chemistries, all utilising Lumos owned optical technology. The readers provide the following benefits in customer testing applications:

·       Best in class optical sensitivity delivers lower analyte detection levels

·       Both visible or fluorescent detection chemistries to cover a wide range of testing

·       Rapid 5 second read time increasing lab efficiencies with faster turnaround time

·       Flexible sample tray to accommodate multiple strip and cartridge formats

·       Wide dynamic range allowing for detection of a broad range of analyte concentrations and identification of assay hook effect

·       Wide field of view enables imaging of the entire test strip, useful during assay development to identify sample flow and conjugate release issues and for multiplexing applications

·       High resolution image of the lateral flow test strip provided to view consistency of test and control lines and identify artefacts (ie streaking, bright spots, etc). Particularly useful for fluorescence assay chemistries and to retain a permanent record of the test strip.

·       Easy to use proprietary analysis software and tools to quantify test and control line intensities and background readings at multiple defined locations

·       Full access to raw data  (test strip images, CSV and Excel) to support data analysis and research needs