Lateral Flow University

Lateral Flow University:

  • Complete education and training on lateral-flow rapid assays and other diagnostic formats
  • Thorough, hands-on training courses conducted at Kestrel’s facility in Southern California, or at our Thailand facility
  • Customizable to every individual customer’s needs and requirements through modular elements that can be added or subtracted as desired
  • Learn rapid assay development, production, and quality control techniques
  • The training consists of both lecture and practical lab bench sessions to provide a solid knowledge base as well as laboratory skills
  • Use Kestrel’s reagents or provide your own for a more pinpoint educational experience


Kestrel’s Lateral-Flow University encompasses a complete and well-rounded introduction to rapid diagnostic test principles. We supply you with all of the information you need to begin to optimize your own lateral-flow technology. Whether you are just beginning a project and new to rapid tests or you currently have technology but wish to expand or troubleshoot your product base, this program can provide solutions for your company. The course agenda is flexible to meet your specific requirements for assay and reagent development, verification and validation of developed products, practical manufacturing principles and processes, quality control, and troubleshooting inevitable issues associated with medical diagnostics. We can also provide with key tools such as protein & antibody purification techniques, conjugation of biomolecules to particles such as gold colloid and latex microspheres, raw material selection and treatment, all the way to assembly and packaging. Kestrel can also design a course for advanced clients which focuses on the latest developments in diagnostic assays such as fluorescence and quantitative formats.

Course Material

  • Full copies of all presentation materials
  • Complete list of materials and reagents used, including important buffer formulas
  • Description of all methods and techniques
  • Particle conjugates produced during the class
  • Free materials kit for follow up work in your own facility