Diagnostic Reagent Development


Diagnostic Reagent Development

Diagnostic Conjugates / Label:

Our test development capabilities include the ability to incorporate virtually any sample matrix type such as plasma/whole blood, saliva & sputum, enteric samples, water, food, environmental matrices, and other biological materials into a test. Each of these samples moieties possess unique challenges and often the assay format and choice of detection techniques is determined or affected by the intended sample. With that understanding we have the capability to optimize products utilizing a wide variety of labels.

  • Colloidal gold, available in multiple sizes
  • Latex microspheres in a variety of colors and diameters
  • Fluorescent labels including coumarin, rhodamine, FRET, and lanthanide based flourophores
  • Enzymatic systems with a variety of substrate options
  • Magnetic microspheres in a variety of diameters
  • Visual dyes

Kestrel’s Development Philosophy & Methods

Each new project begins first with a thorough understanding of the customer and product needs. We want to fully grasp the key specifications and design elements from both a scientific and market perspective. A full proposal is then generated, broken down into key phases:

  • Specification & Design (0)
  • Feasibility (1)
  • Product Development (2)
  • Verification & Validation (3)
  • Technology Transfer & Training (4)
  • Manufacturing Scale up (5)

Many projects will only encompass one or two phases, so Kestrel can design a custom program that matches what your current company needs are. Whether you just need a Proof of Principle or a full turnkey solution, we provide fast assay development services of the highest quality standards.