Contract Manufacturing


Contract Manufacturing

Kestrel is an experienced manufacturer of diagnostic product lines. We have successfully produced a wide variety of lateral-flow assays, flow-through tests, and many microplate based diagnostics. Our main site, located in southern California, is an ISO 13485:2003 facility. We have established a full scale contract manufacturing capability with environmentally controlled assembly processes. We utilize a full range of manufacturing equipment capable of handling production volumes ranging into the million+ tests per year range.

Quality & Value

Kestrel’s core principles can be summed up in that statement. We understand the quality process, from design inputs, design outputs, verification, and validation. Let us tailor a high quality, verifiable production system that meets or exceeds your regulatory and market requirements. Our menu of services also includes:

  • Reagent manufacturing and bottling
  • Private and/or OEM labeling
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Process development
  • Process verification
  • Protein purification

Our Thailand Facility (Kestrel Thailand)

In addition to our southern California facility, we also offer production of diagnostic tests at our affiliated Thailand operation with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. If cost pressures are affecting your margins, yet you still need the high standards of a reputable OEM Manufacturer we can help. We offer the same range of services and the same high standard of professionalism and integrity. The typical difficulties in locating and setting overseas contract manufacturing have been eliminated. Kestrel Thailand is your solution to cost effective, yet high quality OEM manufacturer.