About Us


About Us

Kestrel BioSciences specializes in immunoassays. We have experience in the development of all types of assays, covering multiple formats and platforms. While our primary focus is in the field of lateral-flow rapid tests, we are also quite skilled in EIAs, flow through assays, and a variety of protein chemistry techniques.

Our capabilities in immunoassay provide you with the ideal partner to assist you in the development of your diagnostic products. From the idea and initial design, through the development stage, all the way to manufacturing and launch follow-up, the team at Kestrel BioSciences is a trusted partner capable of delivering your product on-time and on-budget.

We also offer a range of products and services vital to researchers, developers and manufacturers of point-of-care diagnostics. These include materials & membranes for lateral-flow tests, critical reagents such as colloidal gold and latex conjugates, and services such as custom conjugations, troubleshooting and manufacturing.

We have successfully developed dozens of products for specialty markets like veterinary, agricultural, environmental, food safety, bio warfare, in addition to broader market of medical diagnostics.